Telling Stories: A Novel by Geoff Palmer


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Steven Spalding is a mild, unexceptional civil-servant, overweight and solitary. But he has a secret; an alter ego in the form of wise-cracking, anarchic Eric Dombey. As Eric, Steven can become the self he sometimes wishes to be, but as events in his life slip out of control, the boundaries between real and unreal blur – all is not as it seems.

Wild, wacky, thoughtful, disturbing and very funny, this book will make you reconsider the whole concept of fiction and reality.

Winner of the Reed Fiction Award in association with North and South
“An absolutely splendid and entertaining book.” Kevin Ireland,
“Cunningly plotted … fiendishly twisted …” David Eggleton, NZ Listener
“Witty, irreverent, satirical, outrageous …” Ian Dixon, The Christchurch Press
“… an exciting new voice in our literature.” Howard Warner, New Zealand Books


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