Private Viewing by Geoff Palmer


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He had a body to die for. She might just do that!


Jane Child doesn’t think much of her boss when she’s passed over for promotion. Nor does Matt, the mysterious homeless guy camped across the street. But Jane finds consolation in the shape of the man she was passed over for. Celebrity banker Damien Trotter has it all: rock star status, wealth, dashing good looks … and a shocking secret.

As Jane falls under his spell, she finds herself trapped in a web of intrigue, vile secrets and murder. Suddenly, even her most private moments are no longer her own. Now she must confront the shadows in her past and the deeper, darker shadows in her present. Shadows that may cost her the man she loves, her happiness … even her life.

Set in contemporary London, Private Viewing is a romantic thriller filled with chilling revelations, spine tingling action and a thundering climax that make it a read.

And who is that homeless guy…?


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