Spencer, Raymond JH

Raymond JH Spencer was born in Hastings where he lived until 16 years of age, moving to Wellington in 1958 to serve a five year apprenticeship at the New Zealand Railway workshops. After completing examinations he then went to sea for ten years becoming in that time a Chief Engineer on cargo passenger ships. After returning to Wellington to live he was from 1973 to 1990 a surveyor of ships, boilers, pressure vessels, cranes and lifts. From 1990 to 2001 he became a technical advisor to Maritime Safety Authority, and a writer of maritime legislation until his retirement at the end of that period. Since then he has written two books, one principally about the life of his maternal great-grandparents Oliver Family 1854 – 2009 and Other Prominent Hawke’s Bay Settlers which was published in 2016, and the other Divine Intervention which was published in 2017.