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Book, Chocolate and Wine Pairings – Perfect for a relaxing weekend

As book lovers and avid readers, we ask – What’s better than a good book? A good book paired with the perfect glass of wine, and favourite chocolate deliciousness of course. However, we also know that all books are best consumed with cheese, but we are leaving that for another day.

Not a wine drinker? Then we have some alternatives further down the page –

There is no wrong or right way of doing this, and here are a few to get you started…

1. Hot Flush by Rosy Fenwicke

The Wine: Chardonnay, to accentuate the light tone and delicious, fun flavours
Chocolate: Dark chocolate over honeycomb (ok – try a Crunchie bar)

A crime -mystery full of twisty fun, as Euphemia (a mid-life super heroine) has the opportunity to find out if the information she was given in her thirties is true, and then she can save Jane and deal to Alison. But suddenly things get complicated…

Hot Flush by Rosy Fenwick


2. A Moment’s Silence by Christopher Abbey

The Wine: Pinot Noir, for something intense, dark and brooding
Chocolate: Dark chocolate with chocolate centre

A Crime-thriller telling the story of what happens when you accidentally come to the attention of an international terrorist who thinks you ‘shopped him’. Faced with fear for his own survival, Martyn has no alternative but to turn the tables and stalk the stalker.

A Moment’s Silence by Christopher Abbey


3. Something Borrowed by Louisa George

The Wine: Sparkling Rose, to bring out the bubbly sense of fun
Chocolate: Milk chocolate covering marshmallow (or how about a chocolate fish)

Chloe is jilted at the altar, is it the family curse or that she just hasn’t found The One yet. Then her business starts failing, and Chloe is forced to swallow her pride and work with the enemy in this contemporary romance.

Something Borrowed by Louisa George


4. The Jaded Kiwi by Nick Spill

The Wine: Merlot, to bring out the distinguished depth and character
Chocolate: Chocolate covered coffee beans

Set in 1976, this historical crime-thriller love story centres on a cockney criminal mastermind and a creative Police inspector at the start what becomes the war against drugs in New Zealand.

The Jaded Kiwi by Nick Spill


5. Dead is Dead and other stories by Jane Seaford

The Wine: Mulled Wine, perfect for a sweet and warm and chilly book, all at once
Chocolate: Milk chocolate infused with orange

A collection of twenty contemporary intimate stories of complicated, challenging and diverse incidents that make up everyday life. Each story holds a spotlight on relationships.

Dead is Dead and other stories by Jane Seaford


6. Southern Gold by Jude Thomas

The Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, a bold drink to become engrossed in a mystery
Chocolate: Ginger covered with dark chocolate

Historical mystery set in boom town Dunedin during Otago’s gold fever days when dreamers and vagabonds came to seek their fortune. How does this mystery girl rise from the slums to become a force to be reckoned with?

Southern Gold by Jude Thomas


7. Ballet for Men in Gumboots by Hailey Roussin-Guillemot

The Wine: Champagne, because … oysters
Chocolate: Yes – of course

Jack knows a lot about growing oysters, he’s not a fan of complications, which is probably why he’s thirty-eight and still single. This engaging and entertaining contemporary novel is set in New Zealand full of sea side drama, friendship, romance, and an oyster recipe or two.

Ballet for Men in Gumboots by Hailey Roussin-Guillemot


For non-wine drinkers – we found some alternatives…

8. Databyte by Cat Connor

Drink: Tequila – cause Special Agent Ellie Conway would want you to
Chocolate: Lime centre or chilli lime chocolate

Wanted for a murder she didn’t commit and on the run, while protecting an actor with ties to Delta A, Special Agent Ellie Conway has a lot to contend with, as well as trying to clear her name.


9. Barbed Wire and Daisies by Teresa Schulz

Drink: Beer – it’s set in the north – North Island that is.
Chocolate: Chocolate covered peanuts or a Peanut slab – kiwi as.

A novel set in future rural New Zealand, and there are now hoards of starving, desperate people in the overcrowded cities. It soon becomes survival of the fittest. Gen will stop at nothing to defend her family.


10. Mesquite Smoke-Dance by Andrew Grant

Drink: Bourbon – it’s survived temperance, prohibition and war, so what better way than to catch a serial killer
Chocolate: Dark bitter

With more twists than a sidewinder’s sand trail, Mac Benton, Inspector for the Texas division of the National Homicide Task Force, attempts to bring a serial killer to justice while he fights his own demons along the way in this psychological thriller.Mesquite Smoke-Dance by Andrew Grant


We have more… so keep an eye out for new blogs –

Written with thanks to –
Chocolate Therapy’ by Murray Langham from Schoc Chocolates ( and
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