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Books for International Women’s Day on The Hutt Weekender – 11 March

For International Women’s Day – March 8, and we’ve put together a list of books from our authors that give a unique perspective on the strength of women.
Just a selection of what can be found on our online store –

Because I Could by Alison Bradley book cover

Because I Could by Alison Bradley
‘My 2,800 mile run across America’

I’ve never been one to follow the path of the ‘norm’ and in 2013 I set myself a challenge, a challenge that everyone else deemed crazy, but, once I have decided on a goal I won’t feel complete until it has been accomplished. That is how on May 6th, 2013, I found myself on the steps of City Hall New York about to run two marathons a day for more than two months to see if I could make it to LA.

Review: I loved following the journey and Alison’s tenacity to keep on running, kept me engaged with funny, scary and emotional moments.
Alison’s adventure with all the description that made me feel like I went across the country as well.

Find on our website at

Which Way is Starboard Again? by Anna Kirtlan

When sailing novice Anna Kirtlan takes to the high seas, expect the unexpected. Not many people have the courage to sail the South Pacific with as little experience as Anna, who has to learn to sail, from scratch, and overcome the severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Anna relates the adventures she shares with her partner Paddy on board Wildflower and the characters they meet along the way.

Reviews: A truly enjoyable read from start to end. Anna has given a vivid and often humorous account of life at sea while laying bare her own personal struggles when placed on a small boat in the middle of a vast and endless ocean. What I took away from this book was that no matter the roadblocks life may put in front of you (or whatever fears you may have), if you persevere and truly commit yourself then nothing can be too great. Also don’t sweat about the small stuff people!
A captivating, hilarious and honest account of life at sea! This book has been a fantastic companion; an absolute joy to read!

Find this book on the website at

Which Way is Starboard Again? by Anna Kirtlan
Super Mum Complete Series by Stacey Broadbent book cover

Super Mum: the complete series by Stacey Broadbent
Super Mum, the complete series of 3 novellas which includes:
Frazzled and Frumpy
Frazzled, Frumpy and Fabulous!

It’s a crazy journey and one of life’s joys, even though, at times, it’s not quite what you imagined it would be.

Reviews: This complete series is full of laugh out loud moments about motherhood and marriage. Some scenes I swear I was reading about my own life. I love how she didn’t pull and punches and wrote it like it is, not sugar coated!!!
From unintentional co-sleeping, bed wetting, and pregnancy to raising multiple children and wondering if you’re enough.

Find this book on our website at

The Warrior Women Project by Uchenna L Umeh and Pat Backley
A Sisterhood of Immigrant Women.

The life of an immigrant; what is it like? Ever wanted to know what goes on in a woman’s mind? What if we combined both? What would happen? This book gives an exclusive insight into the exciting journeys of 22 amazing women from 13 countries of the world.
The book provides a safe space where successful immigrant women can tell their stories, in their own words. Their emigration stories are inspirational and empowering narratives of strength.

Review: A poignant coffee table anthology that will make you laugh or cry but keep you turning the page! The only thing I wish was for the stories to keep going on and on! It is a must-read for anyone looking for a snapshot of the immigrant experience through the lens of women who have gone through and risen above thick or thin! Each story is unique but the thread of hardship, perseverance, and survivorship is woven throughout the book.

Hardcover with coloured photographs. This book is on the website at

The Warrior Women Project book cover
Water – Wai by Marie Munro book cover

Water – Wai by Marie Munro

The first in our new bilingual picture book series, Nana’s Simple Science – Te Pūtaiao Ngāwari o Kui. NEW this week.

Children love water. They drink it, wash in it, swim in it and play in it. But do they know the water cycle story – where water comes from, where it goes, and all the things it does along the way?

Marie Munro also writes the Nana’s shed series –

This book and links to the Nana stories are in the website at –

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