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Book Reviews on The Hutt Weekender

Caro has a half hour book review slot on Hutt City FM 106.7 radio station – The Hutt Weekender show with Craig & Lisa, Saturdays 8 am-12 noon.
Readers have provided the reviews, or (usually in the case of a new book in the shop), the reviews have been taken from a blog or other online source.

Listen via their online streaming at:-

Reviews from Saturday 3 September 2022

Making Meredith by Andy Southall – book cover

Making Meredith by Andy Southall – a compelling read

Southall has a lyrical descriptive style that sets up the rather gothic atmosphere of Meredith – parts reminiscent of the classic Victorian novels where a well-meaning stranger arrives in a spooky place full of secrets. There’s also a decidedly deadpan English wit. We see Robert’s point of view, so share Rob’s confusion as he is told that his grandfather was not the kindly competent GP that he imagined, but who should he trust when most of the locals just want him to leave?

Review: This is a sad story on multiple levels – Rob loves his wife, but longs to have children. Robert doesn’t love his wife, but adores his daughters. His patients find him cold and distant, and cannot forgive his perceived medical failures when only penicillin – not available for another decade – would’ve made a difference, and a longstanding family feud leads to a devastating deception.
It does however end positively – it’s not at all depressing and I liked the final reveal. Finally – that cover – stunning!
(Review from Amazon)

Reactive by Helen Vivienne Fletcher (Reactive Magic Book 1)
A prophecy… A new student… A pot plant growing out of control… One of these things could save Toby. The trouble is, which one?
If you like darkly magical tales, life or death drama, and a little bit of danger, you’ll love Helen’s new fast-paced novella.
Review: Likable protagonist, interesting characters. An intriguing, eerie take on a school for magic, no kid would ever want to attend! A fun, dark read. There is an interesting twist at the end that I never saw coming! :)
(Review from Amazon)

Magnetic by Helen Vivienne Fletcher (Reactive Magic Book 2)
Four magical threads drawing her in… One forcing her away. Which will prove more dangerous?
Magnetic is the second book in the Reactive Magic series. If you like darkly magical tales, life or death drama, and a little bit of danger, you’ll love this fast-paced series.
(So new there are no reviews posted yet)

Spirits in the Bathroom by John Roche – the September book of the month for the Writers Plot Bookclub.

After 6 years of procrastination, John embarks on a new project: to trace his past reincarnations and those of his partner Sarah. What follows is a hilarious trip through 1,200 years of past lives. John enlists the support of a group of bathroom-dwelling Higher Beings, who provide direction, wisdom and humour as he careers through the centuries in his quest to find where and when his relationship with Sarah began.

Review: Irish humour at its best! The characters are brilliant, and it’s a laugh out loud, sometimes profound, and hilarious journey as the author navigates through his past lives.

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