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Our staff Picks for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day this Sunday 13th May and what better way to say to mum that she is appreciated than to spoil her with books and some time for herself to read.
We asked some of our volunteers and frequent buyers what they recommend or what they would like to get for Mothers’ Day. We hope you can find some inspiration among the picks – either for yourself, or for a woman in your life that deserves a treat.

Caro is very interested in a new cosy mystery book in the shop ‘Private Lives’ by Geoff Palmer which is book 2 of the Bluebell Investigations series. Set in London, Caro is set to read this after she reads the first book ‘Private Viewing’ because … there is nothing better than to relax with a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers while reading a good mystery.

Cat loved reading the deliciously hilarious ‘Nyphrazi Gods + Monsters’ by Minky St. Anne, it’s a hot little number for mature audiences. Jasmine gets sucked into a parallel universe and we follow her journey as she tangles first with Vyran, God of the Woods. Not all is as it seems with the Gods of Nyphrazi.

Pat loves reading but while being taxi driver for kids and having to sit and wait, her preference is for short stories, so she can finish the whole story while waiting in the car at pickups, especially now we are in autumn and the weather is not so good. She likes the look of two books in the shop, firstly, C’est la Vie’ by A Writer’s Plot, which has a selection of authors as well as different genres. Secondly, ‘The Sampler’ by D.A. Howe – tales of murder, mayhem, caramel and nuts – maybe it was the caramel and nuts that took her fancy …

Toni’s heart lies with historical novels and she is torn between three authors, the books of Vicky Adin and Tony Chapelle will have to wait as she picked ‘He Called Me Son’ by Barbara Arnold (The Blountmere Street Series Book 1) as her book to read for mother’s day weekend, and is looking forward to it.

Pearl has been reading her way through the Across the Strait series of romance and is ready to start on book 3,A Southern Strait’ by Anya Forest. Ever the romantic, Pearl has enjoyed the previous books in the series and is looking forward to finding out if two wayward souls can keep their love afloat when the wind’s of change begin to blow. Set in New Zealand Rebecca and Heath feel a pull stronger than any current, but they’ll need to confront painful losses if they have any chance at charting a new course towards love.

Anne loves reading fantasy, it takes her away from the hum-drum of life and both she and her tween daughter like the same types of books. The next one they want to try is ‘The Dragon Slayer’s Son’ by Robinne Weiss. Nathan is shocked to learn that his father is dead … Everything he thought he knew about his father was a lie. This book has action, adventure and dragons! What more could you want?

Alex was fascinated by the Loch Carron series and has started reading ‘The Laird’s Daughters’ by Janet Heads, and with seven books in this series, there is plenty of reading ahead. Starting in the year 1312 in the turbulent highlands of Scotland, we find out the MacDonald women are different to the woman of other clans, as some chose to become Chevaleresses “French for female knight” and fight beside their men.

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Book, Chocolate and Wine Pairings – Perfect for Valentine’s Day

February 14th, Valentine’s Day – we can almost hear the eye rolls. We don’t want you to put up with  sappy, insincere cards, overpriced flowers, and the societal pressure to be paired off.

For those who are going to do Valentine’s Day on their own terms, we at Writer’s Plot have some interesting and thoughtful ideas as we acknowledge the one great unifying truth: generally, people love presents. And that includes presents to yourself.

As book lovers and avid readers, we ask – What’s better than a good book? A good book paired with the perfect glass of wine, and favourite chocolate deliciousness of course. However, we also know that all books are best consumed with cheese, but we are leaving that for another day.

Not a wine drinker? Then we have some alternatives further down the page –

There is no wrong or right way of doing this, and here are a few to get you started…

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