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Helping us help you

Good morning authors and readers,

Hope you’re enjoying this rather beautiful crisp winter weather. It’s much easier to cope with winter when it isn’t raining and blowing a gale!

Now to the point of this blog post …

We do have a request, instead of buying a coffee today (or tomorrow) would you please donate that money to our give-a-little page and help us keep our doors open? Seriously every dollar will help.

Here’s the link: Writers Plot Give a Little

We truly appreciate your help.
And would very much like to continue providing support for Kiwi authors.

Thank you,

Cat and Caro

PS: please share the link on your social media and whatnot  😉

The A-store is coming along. Cat added another page this morning and more books to the other categories. We’re getting there! It is quite a slow process.

Upper Hutt can really turn it on some days!
Upper Hutt can really turn it on some days!
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