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Poetry interlude with David Smith

David is a regular contributor to Wellington Access Radio 106.1 Hutt Zone reading poetry.

For our enforced confinement due to Covid-19 and New Zealand being on Alert level 4 lock down, David has kindly send some fun poems for everyone to read. These will be alternated during the weeks but all five are available to download below.

My computer has the Hiccups by David Smith

My computer has the hiccups,
And now the printer has them too,
Which explains all my stuff ups.

I couldn’t find a case of this kind, online,
And the manual was a waste of Time.
I asked my son to come and dine,
Hiccups in the conversation resulted in a decline.

My daughter was next in line,
She saw no need to dine,
As everything could be fixed on line.
That was until she got a case like mine,

Now it was novel language time,
A polite decline from the computer came on line,
And one from the printer in equal time,
Another from my wife to say I was out of line.

I took a glass of wine to make me feel fine,
And the problem to re-define,
While I went off line,
And took my wife out to dine.

I came back ready to try another line,
Ignoring the off-line sign,
I pressed print one more time,
And everything turned out fine.

My stuff-ups are now in decline,
The computer and printer still have hiccups from time to time,
Though when a message to dine comes on line,
That is a message I never decline as long as there is wine.

Download all the poems as Word documents here:
Lessons from the sandpit
My computer has the Hiccups
Six down six to go
The case of the second jacket
A smile has the power to

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