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Reviews for the Hutt Weekender 27 May 2023

The Book of George by Linda Deane

For those of us who love animals and in particular cats, and grew up with animal stories on The Wonderful World of Disney.
George was an independent, travelling cat who had lived life on his own terms. He had not seen eye to eye with his previous humans and, when they acquired a dog, he simply up and left.
It took him eight months to find us, but when he did, he made himself indispensable as my personal protector and gardening assistant. He was a great source of comfort for the short time he was with us, but then he too was recalled by Planet Cat.
Gina was sent to take up his mantle. (See The Journal of Agent Gina Ginger Knickers by Linda Deane)
This book is a tribute to our beloved George, as well as many other cats who have brought inspiration and joy to the humans they loved during their time on Planet Earth.

Our Gun by Geoff Lawson

Forget great victories like Waterloo and Balaclava, this is about mistakes and crushing defeats on both sides – unlike anything you have ever read before. It reads like a Hollywood movie script, except it is all true!! An emotional rollercoaster of a story it will rival any other great war drama you have ever read. For example, you have Cecil Rhodes, a British politician whose aim was to annex all of the South African continent by any means available, and Number Four was there – Number Four saw it all, a major participant in the battles of the Western Front.
Number Four is the only known survivor of Paardeberg. Paardeberg was the African equivalent of Guadacanal or the Kokoda Trail, the battle that turned the tide of war in Britain’s favour.

The Abandoned Wives Handbook by Pat Backley

The partner you loved and cherished for so many years has decided you are no longer required. Past your sell by date. Of no use to them anymore, so tossed out like a piece of garbage. Abandoned with barely a backward glance.
In an attempt to keep this a gentle, light-hearted read, each chapter is divided into letters of the alphabet, rather like a dictionary of distress, something you can dip into at any time.
I am not an expert, merely someone who has survived one of life’s great traumas and has come through it as a stronger, more resilient person.

Lou and Eustace by Pat Backley (Ancestors Book 2)

Although these books are fictional, many of the people and events mentioned in them are real. Without our ancestors, all the people who went before us, there would be no such stories to tell. This tale begins in the late 1800’s and continues through to 1984

Book 1 is Valentine George

Valentine George was an ordinary man, born in extraordinary times. He experienced love, loss and joy -just as we all do- but his life was still worth recording.

In this novel we follow his story where it began; in the slums of London during Victorian times. Then, he takes us through World Wars One and Two and leads us along the path to the Swinging Sixties.

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