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Best selling Kids and Teen fiction of 2022

1 – The Death-Hunters by Denika Mead

Royal Orchid – Book 1
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Adventure/scifi/fantasy for the teen reader.

Fourteen-year-old Ivy falls through a portal into a new world – Ghost Orchid. Scared and alone, she come across a group of teen rebels fighting to save the icy wasteland.

In this strange world, she needs to decide if her friends are really the good-guys or just dangerous; while listening to a slithery voice in her head which promises a way-out -a way home. Will she stay and fight to stop Ghost Orchid and Earth fro descending into chaos?

2 – The Last Kingdom by Denika Mead

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Adventure/scifi/fantasy for the teen reader.

The Last Kingdom is a standalone book and introduces characters who will feature in The Crystal Continent, the last book in the Royal Orchid series.

Thrust into a world he’s been dreading his whole life, Prince Phoenix must take the throne. His only friend stands by him, but if she’s found, she will be executed.

3 – The Dragon Defenders by James Russell

Book One
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Action and Adventure

Two brothers on a wild and wonderful island home with an incredible secret: dragons live there!

When evil boss The Pitbull finds out, he sends men to kill a dragon, to bring back the body along with a dragon’s egg. 
The brothers need to defend the dragons and stop The Pitbull’s evil plan.

Recommended for  7 – 11 years

4 – The Super Weirdos and the Battle of Bash by Mr Mac

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Action and adventure/superheros/humorous.

 Engages all readers from reluctant readers through to book worms

In this hilariously weird adventure, Norm, a regular kid, finds out there are aliens living among us.
This book reveals secrets to the universe in ways that no one could have expected.

Recommended for  7 – 13 years

5 – There’s No Such Thing As Humans by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

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Action and adventure/monsters/magic/humorous

A children’s novel about fears, acceptance and annoying older brothers. 

Grub is absolutely terrified of humans, especially the one his brother says lives under his bed.
Grub’s mum says there’s no such thing as humans, but even so, they must never go to the edge of the forest. That’s fine by Grub, until his brother dares him. He can’t refuse a double dare, can he?

Recommended for 6 – 11 years.

6 – Princess Peach and the Wild Weekend by Mary Em

Princess Peach Book 1
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Action and adventure/magic/

Worst weekend EVER. The kingdom of Verdonia is preparing for a visit from the most terrible of visitors: Prince Terrence of Tarragon.

Princess Peach can’t stand Terrence! But he’s going to marry her oldest sister Princess Posie, so she’ll have to get used to him sooner or later. Or will she?

Recommended for 7 – 11 years.

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Best sellers for 2022

1Secrets of the Wool by CB Landy

A Nettie’s Knit Shop Cozy Mystery – Book 1
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Nanette Sanderson’s life has come to a standstill – or so she thinks.
Within days, tragedy arrives on her doorstep which becomes a door opening into a new life and a move to Thornbury, a small town in the south Wairarapa of New Zealand. There she discovers new friends and old, inherits a wool shop along with a mystery and a murder.

For those who enjoy reading cozy mysteries in the style of Donna Andrews, Sally Goldenbaum’s Seaside Knitters, or Joanna Fluke. Set in small towns, with good friends, and amateur sleuthing – this is for you.

2 – Died with Flowers by CB Landy

A Nettie’s Knit Shop Cozy Mystery – Book 3 (released 2022)
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What should be happy days of love turn to catastrophe and a reuniting goes astray. Two cousins in love with two brothers, should be simple, except when the Morris family is involved.

When people are desperate to save their reputation, they will stop at nothing to get their way. Nettie and Bob work with Inspector Dowling to solve break-ins and murder, plus the physical attack on Nettie’s shop assistant Mel.

3 – Lure the Lie by Cat Connor

Veronica Tracey Spy/PI – Book 2
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In New Zealand indefinitely and back in the field, Australian intelligence officer Dave Crocker is tasked with locating a missing cryptographer, Tania Bateman.

Working with a private investigator Veronica Tracey, the mysteries surrounding the missing woman and her whereabouts prior to her disappearance pose quandaries.  Ronnie’s speciality is finding people.  Crockett’s speciality is solving problems.
Set in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

4 – Zac Bingley: Galactic Bureaucrat by D. A. Howe

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Science fiction humorous satire.

The Guurundian Empire invades Earth, finding humans useless and unpleasant—until they discover humanity’s gift for paperwork. One thousand years later, Zac Bingley, office worker, is assigned the task of locating the ancient and long-lost Form-001.

Zac, Wex and Corley (a new intern) set off on a space transporter owned by a mysterious pilot who calls himself Dan. While on their enforced adventure, they encounter the strange inhabitants of the Empire while navigating the inefficient galactic wide bureaucracy.
For those who enjoy reading Douglas Adams.

5 – Christmas at the Hog and Frog by CB Landy

A seasonal story from the Nettie’s Knit Shop Mystery Series – 2022
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Not everyone is able to spend time with friends and family at Christmas.
What happens to those alone, in trouble or wanting company at this time of year in the small South Wairarapa town of Thornbury?

A feelgood  seasonal novella, that reflects small town commitment to their citizens. In this story we spend time with familiar characters in the Nettie’s Knit Shop Mysteries series, and discover new ones.

6 – Portuguese in Aotearoa 1826–1886 by Hilda McDonnell

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Non-fiction NZ History

In April 1881, the new colony of New Zealand had 207 people who were born in Portugal. This is including the Azores, Cape de Verd, and Madeira.
Only 19 of this group were women.

Contemporary records have been brought together by the author to create a scrapbook on their lives in this country.
Includes photographs.

7 – Nothing Happens Here by Cat Connor

Veronica Tracey Spy/PI – Book 1
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 Veronica Tracey has quite enough on her plate, with her 94 year old Nana and the Cronies of Doom, her mad cousin’s love life, a retired greyhound, a new Private Investigation company, and a crazy stalker. 

She juggles life with a sense of humour and the enduring knowledge that everything is temporary.

Set in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, they say nothing happens here …

8 – Sled Dog Racing in New Zealand by Teresa Angell

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A photographic odyssey. Hardcover.

Four years of interviewing breeders and mushers while photographing the growing sport of dryland/sled dog racing. Her pictures capture the thrills, the drama – and the hard work – of this compelling and exciting sport.

9 – Salty Dits complied by Gerry Wright

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Non fiction – memoirs

The NZ Government purchased three Bird class minesweepers and four Isle Class minesweepers. Eleven mine-sweeping trawlers were built in New Zealand along with twelve anti-submarine, B Type Fairmiles. Sixteen Harbour Defence Motor Launches (HDMLs) were also purchased from overseas.

After the war, many of these were retained to work around the New Zealand coast. This is their story as told by those who served in them.

10 – Brigid The Girl from County Clare by Vicky Adin

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Historical fiction – NZ immigration

Brigid, the talented eighteen-year-old lacemaker, flees starvation and poverty in 19th century Ireland to seek a better life in Australia.

Her skill as a lacemaker soon draws attention, but life doesn’t always run smoothly in the harsh new landscape. A new start in New Zealand offers hope – until the day the man who seeks her downfall finds her.

A well researched story that reflects considerable understanding of the attitudes of the era.

The following books were also top sellers –

Bagels and Blackmail by C.A. Phipps (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 2) – Cozy mystery

Death on D’Urville by Penelope Haines (A Claire Hardcastle Mystery Book 1) – Mystery

Eden by D. A. Howe – SciFi/Spec Fic

Killerbyte by Cat Connor (byte Series Book 1) – Thriller/FBI operative

A Dame We Knew by Beryl Harris – Non-fiction biography

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Best selling picture books of 2022

Picture books are our most popular books and when you see the fabulous stories and illustrations you can understand why kids love them and parents/grandparents want to buy them.

Our top sellers (only just) for 2022 were

Links to these books and more are:

Books in the Aroha series by Rebekah Lipps and Craig Phillips

Dobby by Marion Day

Tu Meke Tuatara by Malcolm Clarke

The Dragon Hunters by James Russell

How to Wash Your Cat by Claudia Disney

A Southern Tale by Joanne McDougall

Bumblebee by Rachel Weston