Radio Interviews and Blogs

Two articles about the shop:

Read the NZ Book Council blog – #readNZ: Supporting our own talent at Upper Hutt’s Writers Plot

Read the story about Writers Plot Bookshop in The Spinoff.

Introducing Qubyte – Book 10 of the Byte series

Listen to the radio interview with Cat Connor on the Hutt Zone Programme – Wellington Access Radio from 21 February – talking about Qubyte #10 in the byte series and the Writers Plot Bookshop.

Bookish New Year Resolutions

Looking for some bookish new year resolutions? This blog has the best – we concur with the resolutions (click the links to read the blog).
11 Bookish New Year’s Resolutions To Make Happen In 2017

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers

Hutt Zone – June 2016

John MacDonald interviewed Caro over the phone about the bookshop.

Hutt Zone Interview is in the broadcast of 11/6/2016

Writer’s Island – Dec 2015

Peter King came to the shop in mid Nov to interview Cat and Caro about the Writer’s Plot bookshop that specialises in NZ authors.

Interview in the broadcast of 6/12/2015.

Writer’s Island broadcast here