MacLean, Glynne

Glynne MacLean is an award winning and internationally published New Zealand novelist and poet who lives in the Wairarapa in New Zealand, graduating from Waikato University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts she chose to write in 1996 after a successful career in the travel industry.

Five of Glynne’s six published novels and two of her illustrated titles, The Test and The Silent, are for a market that really excites her – young independent readers largely between eight and fourteen years of age. Glynne uses exciting stories with simplified sentence structure and plot lines without compromising, grammar, language, characterisation or hope.

To Glynne there is nothing better than getting kids excited about reading and starting to wonder, “What if that was me?”, “How would I react?” and “What do I think the characters should have done?”.

Glynne uses science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction to create other realities both for kids to escape to and to ponder. Science fiction also allows the introduction of scientific ideas that if presented in science class might not spark the imagination. Often her stories are set in a very recognisable now with a twist. Glynne does not write post-apocalyptic fiction or poetry – believing there is enough doom and gloom in the real world without her adding to it!

Glynne’s preferred form is the novel. She writes fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and sci fi. Glynne sees the universe, past, present, and imagined, as providing an unlimited canvas. Writing sci fi allows her to examine issues and scenarios beyond the constraints of the prevailing culture and its definition of political correctness.

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