Crawford-Hool, Rue

Ruebrian EnteriprisesBrian Hool and Rue Crawford-Hool
Brian Hool began “channeling” Spirits in late 1999. He wasn’t aware of what was happening, but he did know “something extraordinary was”. He had some time at work when he was doing Crane operations, where he was waiting for “coils” to shift and it was during these times that different Spirit’s brought a poem about the mortal life they have just finished. These came through Brian’s mind and he jotted them down while at work. When he arrived home, he put the poems on computer. As more and more Spirit’s realised that Brian could receive them and liked doing so, he ended up with a folder of over 80 poems.

In 2000 he went to the Spiritualist Church where one day in early February he read out one of the poems and said “If anyone wants a copy, they are on the desk by the door.”

Rue ( later to become his wife) attended Church that day and took a copy of the poem. After reading it at home she noticed his phone number and address, they only lived down the road and round the corner from each other. Rue phoned Brian thanking him for the poem and mentioned that it was a channelled poem. Brian was amazed, he didn’t know that so Rue asked him up for a coffee, it was obvious they had lots to talk about. Lots and Lots.

Rue had worked with “Mariah” before and she, Mariah, asked to be formally introduced to Brian. She then taught Brian to meet his own Spirit within, Paul. Brian’s Spirit Paul has only had 4 previous lives. Rue’s Spirit Natalie is around 2,700 years old and had had 23 previous lives. She and Mariah had known each other in the Heavens.

As old as Rue’s Spirit is, Rue herself finds “channelling” more difficult, she never bothered practising like Brian did, using the excuse I suppose that as Brian was so good, anything she wanted to know she’d just ask Brian. Not the answer! Brian worked really hard with the channelling and now can channel any Spirit. He is an open “channel”.

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