Tarr, Susan

Susan TarrI’ve been writing for over 25 years.

In the late 70s, I arrived on the coast of Kenya, East Africa in a 28ft yacht, still seasick. And if that didn’t cure me of the sea life, I was crew on an old Baltic Trader, where my job was to caulk the 80ft teak decks.

I came by that job because I was the one who ran fastest, backward, in a straight line. So boiling up tar in the galley, combing out hemp, and using a specially made chisel was my lot. Then I was promoted to applying linseed oil and some other mix to the bowsprit. Because there were shark cruising below me, a safety net was set in place, although not for one minute would I release my grip on that bowsprit. So 28 coats of linseed oil and that other mix later, I was set to make my mark on the water line; one row in white, the other in red.

So I was an anchor-bound sailor. Yet ask me to repair a sail, plug a hole using a chunk off a broomstick, or take part in a quiz about sailing terms and nautical safety, I’d blitz it.

So I have lots to draw on when writing my books but I’ve yet to write about my Kenyan escapades. My girls were born in Kenya. Both emergency caesarians, one without anesthetic. When we eventually returned to New Zealand (we flew) after a couple of coups, we settled into tourism via a yacht charter business, with mobile homes and lots of international travel.

Along my journeys I have always written.
When I’m not writing I’m happily editing or proofreading for other authors.
I write in different genres, so please check out my other works.

Website: www.susan-tarr-author.webnode.com

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