YahuYahu is a retired Youth Worker, from Aotearoa. Since 2004, Yahu supported some of the most acute cases of young people labelled as “At Risk” with mental health, disability, gangs and alcohol or drug issues.

His debut book aptly named “Dead or in Prison” tells the true story of youth in New Zealand, involved in gangs, drugs, crime and disengaged from education.

Yahu challenges the reader by opening the door into a world that many have been unaware of until now, a place of poverty, neglect and lock up.

He has worked in forensics, prison, mental health wards, schools and the community.

Yahu is an activist, father of four, musician, and public speaker, who uses hip hop culture to engage young people.

Yahu has a second book ‘What the Poor Eat’ available online and is currently working on a third.

Dead or in Prison is available through the A-Shop on kindle.

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