Treading the Boards: Eight Short Plays from New Zealand


The plays in this collection were amongst the winning entries in the 10 minute play competitions 2016 & 2017 held by Playwrights Association of NZ. The cast requirements vary from teens to seniors.

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This collection of award-winning plays from members of the Playwrights Association of New Zealand Inc gives ample perspective on a variety of social issues of the day: poverty, health, ageism, love and friendship, and immigration.

Each of the writers has had considerable experience in theatre, and they paint their stories within the texture of their theatrical knowledge, and their social and societal experiences. These are short, sharp presentations with interest to all who love the live of ‘drama, comedy and everything in-between’.

Behind the Bins by June Allen

We’re in the back yard of a restaurant. Sam, doing work experience in the kitchen, has discovered street kids stealing from the garbage bins.

Crosswords by Tim Hambleton

A married couple argue as they complete a magazine crossword together.

Moment of Truth by Richard Harris

He’s recovering from a heart attack and Jack wants to return to work. His wife urges him to retire, but loyalty to the company compels him to do otherwise.

Beggars can’t be Choosers by Sean McMahon

Beggars on the streets of Wellington: an ethical dilemma.

Stuck by Andi Podesta

Middle-aged Nicky finds herself stuck in a rut. Through a set of comic circumstances, she discovers that true friendship is the only way to freedom.

New Zealander by Marc Shaw

ANZAC Day is a time to welcome New Zealand commitment to Global Peace. The celebration of it can be confusing.

Once More with Feeling by Dolly Varden-Chambers

A glimpse of love, past and present, through the lives of a theatrical couple as they prepare for their final goodbye.

The Gift Shop by Shona M. Wilson

The sudden death of a gift shop owner causes his wife to manage on her own. As she grieves she realises she’s not alone.



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