Falls Ende: Primus by Paul W. Feenstra


The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, England, is home to herdsman, Godwin Read and his son, Odo. When the aging knight, Sir William Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor goes on a hunt for wild boar, the inexplicable happens, and Godwin makes a decision that will ultimately impact their lives and Mellester Manor for ever.

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Set during the tumultuous reign of King Henry II, in feudal England, the quiet and peace of Mellester Manor is shaken by the unexpected. For Odo, there is more at stake than just his dignity and pride because they’ve already been taken, all he has left is his life. Will Falls Ende see his downfall and disgrace and how far will one man go to protect what’s closest to his heart?
Falls Ende is more than a simple story, it’s a saga of survival against all the odds.

Falls Ende – Primus is a full-length novel, seamlessly compiled from Falls Ende ‘The Oath,’ ‘Courser’ and ‘The King.’


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