ABC by Marion Rego


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A simple colourful alphabet book with accompanying musical score, CD and cassette tape.

Marion Rego’s original alphabet song, first performed on Nation Radio, is the basis for a book and cassette tape (CD) which work together. The tape was produced at UCA with the help of Radha Wardrop.

Besides a straight version of the song there is a music-only version for children to sing along to, and a version in which each line of the song is followed by sound effects representing one or more of the words associated with that letter.

The book enhances the words of the song with colourful illustrations by Adele Jackson. Also included are the words set out clearly on one page, and a double spread with the melody line and guitar chords. The set is used with preschool and early Primary School groups, and is equally suitable for a family at home.

Interest/Reading Age 2-6 years
Pre-school & Early Learning


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