Aroha’s Grand Adventure by Angela Oliver


A Little Bird on a Big Adventure

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Like all weka, Aroha is curious and smart. When her taste buds lead her into trouble, she finds herself snatched from her peaceful home in Grey and carried across the countryside. Alone in this strange new place, what is one young weka to do? Follow her instincts and find her way home, of course. Her journey takes her through farmland and swamp, across rivers and over mountains. Many dangers and other challenges face her but with courage and determination, one weka can go a long way.

Aroha is a cheeky character, and her adventures should appeal to children aged seven and up. Adventure and humour mingle together into an appealing, fast-paced read.

The book is illustrated throughout (in black and white) and as everything is (roughly) based on fact, there are also
several educational appendices. This is a book for any animal lover, young or old.


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