Banana Fingers & Fairy Knees by Phillip Percy


Granddad, Da, Koro, Nangnang, Poppa, Ga, Grandpa …

…whatever you affectionately call him, will undoubtedly have taught you through his actions that you are your own amazing person.

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Illustrated by Dale Percy.

It is those brief but indelible memories of our grandfathers being true to their feelings, opinions, passions and physical abilities that help us accept who we are and to make the best of what we have.

Laugh out loud as you read Banana Fingers and Fairy Knees to yourself, your children or your grandchildren, remembering those little gems about your own grandfather(s).

The book is filled with amusing anecdotes written by Phillip Percy about those funny things grandfathers do and say. Bringing the stories to life are Dale Percy’s lively and colourful illustrations jam packed with all sorts of characters that children love to discover.

This is a lovely toddlers/new readers tale that rhymes, accompanied by delightfully detailed illustrations.


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