Danger Signs – Falling on Deaf Ears by Jenni Francis (Keri Book 3)


Jordan is deaf. He’s been deaf all his life. It doesn’t stop him doing anything he wants to do, and he’s really good at doing a lot of things. It’s just who he is.

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Sando, Jordan’s older brother, is very conflicted. It seems to Sando that everything revolves around Jordan.

Keri and her friend Mereana are holidaying at the same beach town as Jordan and Sando. They make friends with the brothers and meeting Jordan is a revelation for the girls.

There have been a spate of burglaries in the town, and Sando’s bike is taken making him even more upset. One evening, they stumble upon suspicious activity. Over the next few days, as they are drawn deeper into danger, Sando is forced to revise his attitude towards his younger brother.


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