Kia Mataara, e Ngata! by Gay Hay


English edition also available: Watch Out, Snail!

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Illustrated by Margaret Tolland

Kia Mataara, e Ngata! (Watch Out, Snail! Te Reo Maori edition)

In the dark of the night the forest is alive with hungry hunters. Is snail the hunter or the hunted? Follow the trail to find out. The Powelliphanta snail is native to New Zealand and very rare.

This gorgeously illustrated picture book showcases the native Powelliphanta snail on its perilous nighttime hunt. A little-known New Zealand creature, the Powelliphanta is not at all like your average garden snail. It is huge, handsome and carnivorous! This story teaches children about the circle of life within nature.

Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 32
Product Dimensions: Dimensions : 260mm x 240mm


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