Roivan by Glynne MacLean


Her instructions were clear: travel to human space. Once in human space, stay there. Do not return. Speak only your name. Do not take the Test. Protect your mind. Do not speak of your world, your life or your species until you meet someone who tells you first.

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If they are right, you then, may speak. Until that time, speak only your name. Protect your mind.

Qirl had said that she must stay no more than fifteen days on any ship. If she stayed longer she would be caught. But the crew know Roivan is aboard, and she has nowhere else to go.

Roivan confronts the kinds of questions all young people confront – who am I? Why am I here? She finds herself at the centre of a web of political imperatives that offer her a real power to make a difference in an adult world.



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