Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere in Particular by Dorothy May


Illustrated by Samantha Edwards

In the village of Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere in Particular there is a mystical churchyard, a place where reality meets fantasy in an everyday world where only a select few know of its secrets.

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Queenie, who has her own worries to deal with, rules over this world and is loved by everyone, except maybe snooty Gertrude, the vicar’s spiteful wife.
Her ever exuberant terrier dog Scooter who is always by her side causing mayhem with his antics.
Four fairies, all with their own unique personalities, live inside the trunk of an old oak tree which stands in the corner of the churchyard by the farm fence, hidden behind the majestic, tall angel gravestone and guarded by Incy Wincy, a big, black, hairy spider.
Everyday life was going about its usual business in the churchyard, before two other fairies come to live there, and things take a turn for the worse. Saffi is a nasty, sly bully, and Dillie, a fearful, tearful, scaredy-cat.
Through adventures full of high-jinx and fun, chaos and catastrophe, mayhem and calamity, nastiness and loneliness, they all try to get on with each other.
The magic wand at the treehouse is stolen by a fairy who doesn’t quite know how to use it and gets herself into trouble.
A creepy, crawly insect sneaks past Incy Wincy into the fairy treehouse, giving them a fright.
A raft race sees the near drowning of one of the fairies, until the wand saves the day.
And when Queenie’s grandson, Oscar, is turned into a pixie at the annual farm picnic a calamity is caused.
A raging storm has Astra go on a frightening mission, and Harriet and Tillie are concerned about Queenie.
A celebration at Christmas has two of the fairies unexpectedly tipsy.
With determination built on respect, trust and friendships, things appear to settle down, until the death of someone beloved by them all brings everyone together in a surprise ending.

Suitable for 6 to 10 years.


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