The Dragon Tamers by James Russell (The Dragon Brothers Book2)


The follow up to The Dragon Hunters.

Illustrated by Link Choi

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Away across the oceans
Where few have dared to roam
Upon a wondrous island
A family made its home.

When brothers Flynn and Paddy unearth an ancient map of their island home marked with magical-sounding places like “Ridge of Rising Flame” and “Dragon Hatchery,” they know it’s time to go exploring! One exciting adventure later, they come home with more than just an epic story…

Recommended ages: 4 – 8 years

See the map in this book come alive! Includes BONUS Dragon Brothers map in 3D for your phone or tablet! Download the free AR Reads app on your Android― or iOS―compatible smartphone or tablet to see and hear dragons fly, geysers gush, and get a glimpse of your favorite characters in action!


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