A Dash of Reality by Lee Murray


Melanie Short has big plans. And she’s in with a sporting chance…

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With her job, her apartment and a shot at celebrity on the line, poster girl Mel has landed a spot on the reality series Running Feat. Can Mel run herself onto the cover of Belle? Maybe then her dad will notice her, and it’ll show her spoiled step-sister a thing or two as well. So armed with Personal-Trainer-to-the-Stars, Olaf Raaken, a bevy of running buddies, and a muffin-free diet, Mel takes on the marathon.
But craving publicity, the series sponsor, Sportzgirl, pressures Mel into a steamy affair with co-competitor Rico Black, which would be fine were it not for Mel’s lovely boyfriend, Jack, her best friend, Janeen, and the viewing public…

A light-hearted, motivational and hilarious look at marathon training.” Lisa Tamati, Ultra runner and author of Running Hot and Running to Extremes.

Review by Readwarbler  (5 stars on Amazon)

A story of personal growth that will appeal to a wide range of readers. When frivolous, self centred Melanie Short is fired from her job as billboard model for Sportzgirl’s sexy sportswear, she thinks it’s the end of her glitzy way of life. After a splurge of emotion fuelled retail therapy, reality strikes hard. She might lose her cherished apartment! A flash of inspiration enables her to fight back in what turns into a hilarious, uphill struggle against her sleazy bosses, who will stop at nothing to humiliate her. Mel discovers strengths she never knew she had. There are things more important than fame and fortune, not least a doting boyfriend, waiting in the wings to get his mitts back on her nubile body. Narrated in the first person at an almost breathless pace, A Dash of Reality combines a clever plot and some well drawn characters, both likeable and obnoxious. It is set in the author’s home town of Tauranga, making inventive use of its landmarks and lesser known byways.

Review by ShellBeWrite  (4 stars on Amazon)

This is a cheerful, easy to read chick lit. bundle of laughs. Full of New Zealand landscapes and downunder humour, Dash of Reality kept me turning the pages. Melanie’s attempts to get fit and run for her life(style)in a reality TV show are so entertaining, but I feel like I learned a lot about running long distance too. My favourite quote comes from the moment she first managed to run up scenic Mount Maunganui:

“I ran up a mountain. Up an entire mountain! Before breakfast too. I couldn’t be more elated if I’d spent the night with Hugh Jackman. I’m wearing a grin like gorse; widespread and hard to eradicate. I, Melanie Short, am nothing less than awesome.”

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