Miranda Bay by Susan Tarr


Miranda, a smart, raucous and bolshy young woman, splurges her entire inheritance on a pile of sagging architecture in the Bay of Island, New Zealand, sight unseen, simply because it bears her name.

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One step ahead of bankruptcy, the now not-so-proud owner of the old Miranda Bay Sanatorium, must turn her mistake into a profitable beach resort or lose everything.
She knows little about running a business, and depends heavily on cousin Pansy’s expertise In her frantic drive for success, Miranda succumbs to her booze stash, hires a motley collection of workers, including the local drunk, to help clean up the property, and the guests trickle in, definitely not the A-list types she’s envisaged.

A hilarious, and at times emotional, unfolding of event as we join a young woman’s roller coaster ride in the face of financial ruin …


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