The Absolute Bull of New Zealand by Denis Joseph


How to Get Away with Pure 96.5% Murdher

Satire of the judicial system

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This book is a satire of the judicial system of New Zealand (or for that matter, in most countries of the world). The word is out that the system is “soft” on certain elements of society, as seen not only by disillusioned victims of criminality but also by the horrified majority at large. There are, of course, exceptions when the punishment fits the crime, but they are few and far between.

In a sense, this book is rather unusual. It has no romance, no well-defined characters, no geographical setting, and only a smattering of narrative. It has a beginning and an end and a large middle. It doesn’t have a plot. In short, it breaks every rule in the . . . er, book.

It’s probably one of few books in the world that can be described as “conversational” for at least 80 percent of the pages. And if that’s not bizarre enough, the conversation involves a bull, a meerkat, and a shark. Go figure.


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