Low Flying by John Reynolds


Matt Bullock, an Auckland university student clashes with his flying instructor Jason Collins who tries to hit on Matt’s racy girlfriend Fleur Lassiter, resulting in the two men brawling at their aeroclub.

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Illegal immigrant Vladimir Zhukov, a ruthless Russian veteran of the brutal Russia-Aghanistan conflict, is running a lucrative crime syndicate in Auckland. Jason Collins is operating a smuggling operation of medical drugs using light planes. Zhukov decides to muscle in on it.
When Fleur Lassiter disappears her friends Sue Perry and Jenny Carter, convinced that Zhukov is involved, confront him. His response is to kidnap them. Matt, and his new girlfriend Sandy Anderson are convinced that Zhukov is now in league with Collins. Matt makes the risky decision to use his new flying skills to rescue the women and bring the Zhkov and Collins to justice.
The scene is set for a tense confrontation from which there can only be one winner.


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