The Art of Secrets by Vicky Adin (The PastFinders Book 2)


Emma is an enterprising young journalist with a bright future, but her life and career are falling apart but agrees to interview the ageing and reclusive, best-selling author  Charlotte Day.

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Prefering her roses to people, Charlotte has a reputation for being cantankerous and is highly secretive about her past: a past she considers too painful to relive and too shameful to share. Emma forces her to face her past.

As Charlotte and Emma’s relationship deepens, they find themselves enmeshed in a tangle of secrets that changes both their lives.

The PastFinders stories – set in New Zealand
A compassionate look at love, loss and renewal from the author of ‘The Cornish Knot’.
Other books by this author: The Disenchanted Soldier; The Girl from County Clare.



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