To The White Gate by Robert Philip Bolton


In a park in an antipodean city in the 1930s a teenaged boy starts work as an apprentice nurseryman.

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It’s an idyllic world. Patient and unhurried, with a pace as predictable as the seasons. A miniature version of the pre-war colonial empire lying just beyond the park gates. But as secure as the park may seem it can’t protect anyone, least of all Tommy, from the changing world outside.

There’s a war coming. An unwanted baby and heartbreaking changes at home.

Through it all the park is a constant. A companion, a teacher, a home and a friend.

With it he grows, learning wisdom and patience, as the park brings him friendship, love, knowledge and family. Friendships that will take him far away from home; family that will nurture him throughout his life; and the knowledge to finally understand the park’s mysterious white gate.


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