Into the Void by Christina O’Reilly


How easy is it for a man to simply disappear?
When rural banker Richard Harper is reported missing, DSS John (Archie) Baldrick and DC Ben Travers are drawn into the increasingly complex details of the man’s life.

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Would Harper really have chosen to leave his seriously ill wife, and abandon his pregnant girlfriend? Or is there a real threat behind the abusive emails he’d been receiving from disgruntled and desperate clients in the wake of the GFC?
Archie’s marriage is rocky and his two teenage daughters are giving him all sorts of trouble. By contrast, the frail but beautiful Helena Harper and her magnificent house offer an oasis of calm as Archie struggles to discover who is responsible for her husband’s disappearance.
Has he really been abducted, tortured or killed? Or is Richard Harper himself behind everything that has happened? Archie and Travers ultimately face a race against time as the case descends into a bewildering morass of obsession, violence and murder. “

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