Scenic Dream or Silent Nightmare? by Kate Winters


Never before has an issue polarized Kiwis as has the 1080 debate.

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There is no middle ground; people are either vehemently opposed to it or fiercely in defence of it – the latter mainly bureaucrats and officials entrusted with administering this broad-spectrum lethal poison that has no known antidote, over millions of hectares of New Zealand’s hinterland, coastal fringes and public domain.

The sorry saga of 1080 use in New Zealand is full of mystery, intrigue, lies, deceit, cover ups and corruption that has not only divided a nation, but pitched New Zealand onto the world stage where our little country, cloaked in it;s pathetic Clean Green facade, is being mocked by a more enlightened world.

All the ingredients of a top international thriller? It is just that and Kate Winters has captured the essence of the 1080 saga and woven it into a story rich in character, fast in pace and intense in suspense. While the novel is a work of fiction, the story that unfolds is born of real events.

Part one: the awakening
Part two: the growth of awareness
Part three: connections
Part four: conclusions
Part five: dream or nightmare?


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