The Pallampur Predicament by Brian Stoddart (Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery 2)


Superintendent Le Fanu investigates the murder of an Indian Rajash and interweaves three intricate plots to that murder that takes us from British Politics, MI-5/MI-6, Indian Congress Politics, Inter-racial love and world-class police work.

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The second Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery sees our intrepid British policeman on the trail of the murderers of an Indian Rajah. Under pressure from his superiors, pinning for his lost love and allergic to the sight of blood, Le Fanu must navigate through a political  mine-field of colonial intrigue in 1920’s Madras.

As the British tighten their grip on the sub-continent, Gandhi’s peace movement, British secret agents and armed pro-independence rebels complicate Le Fanu’s investigations further and he soon finds himself in a quagmire of violent opposing forces that are unwilling to compromise.


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