AA Book of New Zealand Walkways


A Guide to the walkways administered by the New Zealand Walkway Commission

Complied and edited by The Automobile Association in co-operation with The Walkway Commission.

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The idea of a national walkway, which would run from one end of New Zealand to the other, providing ready access to the countryside for both town dweller and dedicated tramper, caught the imagination of this country’s legislators in the mid-1970’s.
Parliament passed a act in 1975 setting up the legal framework to establish a network of tracks that would eventually join up, like liks in a chain, to provide a walking route from North Cape to Bluff.
The AA Book of NZ Walkways is intended to bring these places to the notice of the public-at-large, to be used as a planner and a guide to the Walkway system and to encourage people of all ages and shapes to ‘go for a walk’.

This is a second hand book.

Excellent condition – No signatures.
Hardcover 1983
Page Count: 224 pages with colour photos and maps
Publisher: Lansdowne Press, New Zealand


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