Between the Wars by Kevin Boon


Developments in NZ History series

Celebrations following the signing of the armistice that brought a conclusion to World War One were just beginning when the influenza epidemic caused more deaths and misery than the war had in four years.

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New Zealand then settled to a period of peace and prosperity during the following decade that became known as the ‘Roaring Twenties’. At the end of the  decade, two earthquakes shook the country,  bringing death and destruction to the populations in the vicinity.

The early 1930’s was marred by a world-wide depression, starting in the United States and rapidly spreading to other countries. New Zealand was badly effected as an exporter of agricultural products. As the end of the decade approached, the prospect of another world war loomed on the horizon.

This title is an ideal companion to the New Zealand school curriculum, for use by eight to fifteen-year-olds.


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