Daughters of Erebus by Paul Holmes


How 287 people died in the air crash on Mt Erebus. What caused the crash and who covered it up.

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The technical side of what happened on Mt Erebus on that fateful November day in 1979 has been explained by Justice Mahon, the Royal Commissioner appointed to investigate the crash of the Air New Zealand DC-10. His investigation and conclusions were rubbished by a Prime Minister desperate to remove blame from Air New Zealand – a man who, as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, was desperate to save the airline in the face of possible financial ruin as a result of negligence claims.
Without a doubt, the airline was negligent in changing the navigation co-ordinates early in the morning on the day of the flight and not informing the pilot.
DAUGHTERS OF EREBUS is the story of five people who were left behind and how the tragedy affected their lives. On the night of the crash, Maria Collins – wife of captain Jim Collins – was a 45-year-old mother of four girls, Kathryn, 15, Elizabeth, 13, Phillipa, 9 and Adrienne who was 6 years old. That night, their lives changed. The next day, because her Dad would have expected her to do so, Kathryn sat a School Certificate exam. The girls have all been successful, all are highly educated. They are all quite different, all strong, independent individuals. They all have a sense of humour. Elizabeth says the accident made her an adult overnight. It broke forever a marriage of two people who loved each other desperately. Kathryn says they all became “collateral damage” of both the accident and the Chief Inspector’s findings. They have never been able to end their grief.

This is a second hand book, in very good condition.

448 pages + photographs.


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