Dead or in Prison by Yahu


The untold reality of some young people labeled as ‘At Risk’ – Their story. Their world.

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Through the book you will feel anger, pain, and hear the voice of these young people’s stories.

These times were hard, and extreme behaviours required an extreme response.

‘It was six am. I wanted to be early on my first day of the job. Through the big steel doors, out of nowhere, I saw a foot come flying towards my head! (just missed). I could hear my heart pumping; in front of me stood a young guy and he greeted me with these words:

“You must be a boxer G.”

I don’t remember the next couple of hours, but I do recall sitting at the table with a group of high risk young people having breakfast. I thought to myself, why isn’t anyone finishing or getting up?

That day was spent breaking up fights between two young people, one who used homemade push up blocks and another chair. I was not restraint trained at the time, and neither were the other staff. This was my introduction to youth lock up, no training, sink or swim.


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