Every Life’s a Story by Maureen E. Green


How & Why to Write Your Memoirs

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The recent past is becoming history at a frantic pace; we — that’s you and me — have a real responsibility to fill the gap in the social history of the 20th century.

Today, the extended family rarely has an opportunity to sit down and share stories from the past. This has brought about a scarcity of social history for the 20th century and created a virtual chasm of lost information. Our generation is the only one that can provide the stories and the information to do this. Our experiences and lessons learned really do matter as they provide the background for the attitudes and behaviours of our children and grandchildren as they struggle to find meaning in their own lives.

There are worlds of meaning to be expressed — and it’s our place to provide that. For the well-being of future generations, we have a responsibility to record our memoirs in a manner that can be kept for future understanding as well as for amusement.

As you read through this guidebook, you can use the provided pages to capture and jot down the fleeting memories that may be triggered, as you relate the words to your own life experiences. This can become a rich collection of triggers for your writing as you move on to create your own memoir stories to share with your loved ones . . . and others who will enjoy and benefit from them. Don’t wait; begin to gather your memories today.


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