Getting a Grip on Parenting Time by Robyn Pearce


Do you ever wonder if you’re doing this parenting gig right?

Maybe you feel overloaded with work and guilty because family time suffers? Perhaps you wish you had more time to do fun stuff with your kids? Or you wonder how many years you’ll wait before you get some quality grown-up time with your partner?

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In this easy-to-read, light-hearted and practical book, international time management specialist and author Robyn Pearce helps you find ways to stay sane while raising your beloved fridge-raiders, mess-makers and sleep-destroyers. Laugh and learn with her as she shares tips from her crazy years of raising six children, including a special-needs foster son, all arriving in nine years – to the day. And they’ve also been prolific producers! These days her fridge continues to be raided, pantry emptied, ear-drums abused and windows regularly smeared with love-marks when their seventeen offspring regularly come to visit.

Inside you’ll delight in 86 time-saving parenting tips and tricks as well as heart-warming encouragement for confused, overloaded and time-poor parents who wonder if they’re doing this parenting gig right.

Just a few of the topics:

  • How to get the kids to help around the house
  • Making time for each child
  • Coping with technology
  • Fast and healthy food – yes, you can have both!
  • Getting teenagers to take responsibility
  • How parents can still have a life!
  • What to do so your child doesn’t turn into a spoiled brat and an irresponsible adult.
  • Time-saving housework tips
  • Think like a nanny – and get the chores done earlier
  • And heaps more …

What early readers said:
‘These days parents have so much information and advice to wade through, that to hear from a wise, sensible, funny and practical Mum and Grandma like Robyn is very refreshing and helpful. As you read her book you’ll find yourself nodding, encouraged and empowered to make little and significant changes. She shares her wit and wisdom in a very accessible way, via 86 practical tips that cover most of the day-to-day issues a parent has to deal with. Her thoughts and reflections make absolute sense, are good for families and relationships and can be used in any family, no matter what size or shape.’ Jenny Hale, The Parenting Place.

This book is Robyn’s finest work to date. With her tribe of children and 17 grandchildren as evidence, she has cleverly combined her professional acumen with her experience of life to produce this wonderfully practical parenting handbook. Yvonne Godfrey, Founder of MIOMO (Making It On My Own),host parent on reality TV show, The World’s Strictest Parents, author of Parenting Yadults – How to Set Up Your Young Adult for Independence and Success in Life!


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