The Music of Life: Homological Composition by Nōnen Títi


What do quantum physics, cosmology, biology and psychology have in common?

They’re all driven by information.

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A Philosophical Perspective. Book 3 in The Music of Life series.

Modern philosophy is stuck in linear thinking. But how can we come to agree about philosophy if we all use a different psychology to experience the world?

In this challenging book, Nonen Titi presents a philosophical perspective that accepts information as the driving force of nature and psycho-types as an expression of the way different people filter information differently. As each person experiences thier own set of filters as reality, a comprehensive philosophical theory must include these psycological differences.

This change in perspective leads her to propose a new theory of consciousness, a new look at what information is, a new understanding of the role of philosophers, a fresh perspective on moral judgement, a different concept of time travel, a different look at sexual orientations and an evolutionary explanation of the necessity of psychological diversity. She offers a challenge. If intellectual progress depends on it, can we create a tolerant society that embraces our natural psychological type differences?

You’ll never look at philosophy the same way again.


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