In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China is Taking Over New Zealand by Ron Asher


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China Inc., the business arm of China’s repressive dictatorship, is trying to take over the world by grabbing key sectors of various countries’ economies as part of its strategic plan for global control of the world’s resources. China’s rapid arms build-up suggests that it is preparing to back its ever increasing demands on other countries with force.

China chose New Zealand as the first Western country with which to have a free trade agreement, which is more about colonising and dominating our economy than about free trade. Since then the New Zealand government has bent over backwards to accommodate the interests of China Inc. – often at the expense of the prospects and interests of ordinary New Zealanders, e.g. the refusal to do anything meaningful to halt the unnatural rise in house prices, fueled in large part by Chinese cash, and the unnecessary grants of approval for the alienation of the Crafar farms and the giant Silver Fern Farms co-operative to Chinese interests.

This book should be read by every New Zealander since it affects the future prospects of the country in respect of economic welfare, sovereignty and national security. It is a case of getting a grip on the situation now or sleepwalking to a situation where New Zealanders will finish up as lowly paid serfs in the land that was built by the sweat and toil of the pioneers.

Pages: 254
Publisher: Tross Publishing, Wellington


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