Learn to Self-heal by Christina Richter RN


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‘Learn to Self-heal’ is an innovative guide to health using time tested healing wisdoms of Medical astrology, Ayurveda healing and Spiritual health. This book is easy to read, enjoyable and a well-written guide. Christina explains simply and practically steps to gain a greater understanding of your body, your mind, with many options that will lead you to holistic health. It includes inspirational stories of people’s journey towards wholeness, delicious recipes and will open your thinking to effective ways to gain and maintain the health you deserve.

This book is a modern guide to ancient wisdom of medical astrology and a great joy to read. Through her sharing of knowledge and personal experience, Christina awakens a deep awareness of our inner power for wholeness by spiritual connection and healing. As an experienced integrative medical practitioner, I am well aware of the need for humanity to connect beyond the quick fix options and tap into the power of spiritual healing and disease prevention.

I came to search Christina’s wisdom at a time when I found a breast lesion. My confidence suffered by the discovery that I might have cancer. The idea of having a dis-ease took me by surprise. I was bewildered by how and why it might have come about. I knew that my immune system, my life and my world were much more then my DNA blueprint. I needed answers beyond the results of my biopsy and modern treatment options to tap into my own healing power. Christina helped me gain confidence in my spiritual journey and healing by restoring my trust in the predetermined life force. I discovered elements of my personality and sensitivity as strengths that I did not understand in the past.

– Dr. Nada Rohde, Integrative Medical Practitioner


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