Moa’s Ark by David Bellamy


and Brian Springett  with Peter Hayden

The land form of New Zealand is an ark, Moa’s Ark, floating on a journey through space and time.

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Cast adrift from the ancient continent of Godwanaland millions of years ago, it has drifted through the ages, preserving aboard many of its ancient features. That is why New Zealand’s natural heritage contains so many unique plant and animal forms unknown in the rest of the world: trees mighty enough to have sheltered dinosaurs, ferns which forst stood upright 350 million years ago, strange oddities like tuatara, the amazing black coral of Fiordland, and the national symbol, the kiwi.
This brilliant vision of New Zealand’s history is the inspiration behind this book and the television series of the same name produced by TVNZ. In MOAS ARK David Bellamy and Brian Springett with Peter Hayden take us through a series of windows into New Zealand’s distant past.
In the final chapters Bellamy and his New Zealand co-authors describe the damaging effects of hundreds of years of human presence. Their final windows are into the present and future, containing powerful pleas for far-reaching action to safeguard the cargo of MOAS ARK before it is too late.

This is a second hand book.

Good condition – No signatures.
Hardcover 1990
Page Count: 231 pages with colour photos
Publisher: Viking of the Penguin Group


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