The Mobil Illustrated Guide to New Zealand by Diana & Jeremy Pope


Covers the scenic wonders, rural and urban landscapes and lifestyles, the wildlife, the recreational and cultural facilities and the regional variations that make New Zealand so much richer than its size and youth would suggest.

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Here, for armchair and active traveller alike, is a unique visual record of all that is worth seeing and doing in a land of remarkable diversity and contrast.
The journey passes through some 55 self-contained regions, each offering the traveller its own distinctive challenge. These, in turn, are set against a background of 16 feature sections which provide an overview of characteristics and enterprises described elsewhere in a regional or local setting.
Add to this more than 800 superb colour photgraphs, taken especially for this book over an 18-month period, so as to capture the land in all its moods, and the journey becomes one of all-ecnompassing magnitude.
From north to south, from east to west; from main highway to country road and all the places in between.

This is a second hand book.

Excellent condition – No signatures.
Hardcover 1982
Page Count: 208 pages with colour photos
Publisher: AH & AW Reed


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