No Ordinary Goat by Alison Sutherland


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Using a narrative style, ‘No Ordinary Goat’ tells the story of Captain Cook leaving goats on New Zealand’s Arapawa Island, and provides evidence the goats, probably of the Old English breed, survived and multiplied.

Two hundred years after Cook introduced the goats, they are discovered by an American woman living on the island who makes their presence known to the authorities. So begins the fight between a Government determined to eradicate the goats, and people equally determined to save them.

Based on considerable research, the author uses factual evidence to connect the critically endangered Arapawa goats to the Primitive British goat breeds. She follows the exportation of twelve Arapawa goats, six to the UK and six to the USA, demonstrating how the fight to save the Arapawa goats from extinction is spreading across the world.

226 pages
Dimensions: 175mm x 255mm