Reasons for NOT Writing & How to Overcome Them by Geoff Palmer


A complete guide to writing your first book. And your next one.

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“Most people aren’t writers, and very little harm comes to them.” – Julian Barnes

But what if you’re not most people? What if the idea of writing a book – any sort of book – has haunted you for years, but you’re not sure where to begin?

This is the guide to get you started!

Perhaps you’ve already started – once, twice, several times – yet somehow, something always intervenes. You drift away, lose focus, lose momentum, and end up dumping your manuscript in the too-hard basket.

This is the guide to get you back on track!

Or perhaps you’ve actually written a book – a first draft, even a final one – but it’s now mouldering in a drawer somewhere because it never seems to be quite finished.

This is the guide to getting it done and dusted!

Avoid insanity, stop making excuses, read this book, and overcome all your Reasons for NOT Writing.

Divided into 12 short chapters and three specific parts, Reasons for NOT Writing… contains all you need to know about writing – and finishing – your masterpiece.


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