Suffer the Little Children by David Smith


Softcover. Hardcover version also available.

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An insiders’ view of the workings of Early Childcare Facilities in New Zealand that will get you nearer to the truth than ever before.

To make informed choices, you need information. This book will open up the world of early childhood education and give you that knowledge.

David Smith informs, challenges and questions while making suggestions, based on 30 years experience.

Learn about the importance of physical space in creating healthy, happy children, investigate the logistics of providing Quality care and ask ‘where to from here’.

“Part autobiographical and part political/social commentary on the state of early childhood education as it is experienced by children today. … This book will be of interest to people who are already familiar with the early childhood system or who have been following changes in it.” (From a review by Sarah Farquhar at in June 2015)


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