Testing Germ Warfare Agents in NZ by Donald James Beswick


A Legal and Moral Issue.

In August 2003 there were three mystery deaths in Dunedin, New Zealand, which had characteristics that indicated poisoning with snake venom.

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For over 50 years, and throughout the Cold War the New Zealand Government reserved the right to retaliate with chemical or biological weapons under the Geneva Protocol. New weapons need to be developed, and tested on unsuspecting citizens. Such testing is legal and remains so to this day. The author discusses viruses with foreign genes which can be disseminated as an invisible aerosol. He also discusses the three mystery deaths in Dunedin in August 2003 in which snake venom was implicated, with no snakes. He also discusses the mystery illnesses ME and CFS as possible experimentation with non-lethal (Category B) agents.

The author gained NZCE in 1964 and B.Sc. in 1971 and is now retired. He was a tutor at Wellington Polytechnic for five years and later worked at Wellington Hospital. In 1987-88 he was one of five staff members who contracted a painful incapacitating illness later known as Myalgic Encephalomylitis. There were two staff members from Medical Electronics (including the author), a charge orderly, a nurse manager, and a medical librarian. There was no evidence of a hospital acquired infection. The author’s experience led to his investigation of germ warfare experimentation, as has been documented in other countries.

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